The Hip Hop Farmers™ Youth Initiative under the direction of Bunchology LLC will provide the following services to the U.S. Government.

Hip hop Farmers Veggies


Increase the number of New and Beginning Farmers among historically under-served groups/individuals such as Veterans, Faith Based Organizations, Community Based Organizations and socially disadvantaged youth

Hip hop Farmers


Provide technical assistance and training to these groups/individuals on how to start a business in vegetable crop production utilizing the Seasonal High Tunnel System



Spearhead the elimination of food deserts in persistent poverty-stricken communities

Urban Farmers


CREATE JOBS! For Economic Growth and Stability.

Hip Hop Farmers™ Music Festival »

The “Hip Hop Farmers Music Festival” is a two (2) day music event which will include artists from various music genres such as Country, Pop, R&B and Hip Hop.

During this two day event there will be a total of six artists performing (three each night).

In addition to these musical performances there will be information meetings/classes for more than one thousand (1000) students and other participants with a heavy focus on USDA programs and services.

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Spirit of Farming Youth Initiative »

The Spirit of Farming Youth Initiative is an urban and rural agriculture project to train urban and rural socially disadvantaged youth, community based organizations and veterans on how to start a business in fruit and vegetable production as well as related non-production enterprises such as food hubs, processing facilities, farmer’s markets, dry storage and cold storage facilities.

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